Bideford police take action on parking issues

Police will be tackling parking issues around the town centre. Pictured: Bideford High Street. Police will be tackling parking issues around the town centre. Pictured: Bideford High Street.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013
11:52 AM

Town centre patrols will be focusing on Bideford town centre in the run up to Christmas to ensure public safety.

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POLICE and parking enforcement officers will be working together during the festive season to increase public safety.

Joint patrols will be working around Bideford town centre, paying particular attention to Bridgeland Street.

Officers said they are concerned that parking on both sides of the road can delay emergency vehicles and cause them to park in the middle of the road.

It also causes congestion, can block CCTV camera views, and leave little room for drivers to take evasive action to avoid pedestrians.

Business owners in Bridgeland Street have received letters reminding them of the parking restrictions in the run up to Christmas.

Sergeant Paul McWhinnie, Bideford police neighbourhood team leader, said: “Some drivers think that they can get away with flouting the rules when enforcement officers are not on duty and this is clearly not acceptable.

“I am really pleased to be working in partnership with the parking enforcement officers on this because of the need to maintain public safety, particularly at this time of year when many people will drink more than they perhaps normally would and there is a greater need to increase public safety measures to ensure the wellbeing of the community.”

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  • The Police and Council need to deal with car parking in Bideford it's at best out of control, all the roads around the Pannier market need double yellow lining to prevent people having to drive over the pavements to pass down the road. Pitt Lane, Northam Road, Old Town Road, North Down Road, they all represent parking mayhem, and whilst the parking is largely legal I always thought roads were for driving on not parking for long periods of time. I guess ultimately the recent closure of Meddon Street has highlighted the issues with traffic diverting round roads not suited to such volumes. But roads like Silver Street are horrific, cars get dumped all the way down it on 'free' parking days and to pass down it you have to drive over the pavement to get down it. Not exactly safe for anyone exiting their house. It's time the council got a grip of these issues for a town \ community to thrive it requires good transport links and plenty of public car parks. Lets face it, who wants to go somewhere to shop or go out for the evening where they know parking is going to be very hard to come by and negotiating the local road network requires considerable patience and great anticipation.

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    Mark Wilson

    Wednesday, December 4, 2013

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